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The history of this club can be traced back to around the end of WW2 when a group of ex-service men decided to create a club with interests in engineering on a small scale. Miniature steam locomotives were possibly the favourite means of displaying their skills and determination, many of these skills were learnt during their service times. When television began to take a serious hold over relaxation times the model making also began to take second place, so much so that at some point the members of the day made a decision to suspend their meetings. A few did however make a point of meeting every so often to keep the spirit and continuity going until such times full time meetings could perhaps be restarted. So it was that during the early 1970’s an announcement was made that a meeting was to be held in a local Scout facility to gauge the feelings about starting again along with taking new members on board. Once the ‘new’ club was up and running negotiations were started with Spelthorne Council (as it is now known) to see if a piece of land was available to allow the building of a suitable track. Several options were explored until finally the present piece of land in Staines Park. Commercial Road was offered and a lease signed. Work started to plan and prepare the site with members of many trades getting involved. The elevated track was eventually opened for service during the early summer of1978, it was a great occasion for the members and public alike with a new entertainment attraction becoming part of a popular piece of parkland. Since that date members have run a passenger carrying railway that operates once a month from Easter until October (weather permitting), giving many hundreds of people, young and older alike, the thrill of riding behind many different types of locomotives. Over the years there has been a change of motive power from completely coal fired steam through to many electrically powered and even one at least propane fired steam locomotive. Of course members can and do use the track for their own ‘testing’ activities, many hours have been spent doing nothing else but running their prize possessions for their own pleasure. Now sadly membership is dropping to a very low number and the club is desperate to find more people to join and boost numbers once again. Membership details can be found on the appropriate page on this web site. Thankyou.