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Over many year’s children, young people, adults and seniors have enjoyed riding behind one of our member’s miniature locomotives at our track. To the younger supporters who have never seen full sized versions of these locomotives it is an eye opener to how things were years ago. To the adults it brings back memories of their holiday travel before the package deal flights became popular and of course to many seniors it reflects the ways of travel before even the motor cars. Members here build or assemble their own locomotives for the sheer fun of it and enjoy showing their skills to anyone that cares to look. Locomotives are powered by either ‘proper’ steam propulsion while others use battery electric to drive them around. Whatever the form of propulsion the rides take place on an elevated track that allows either of three track gauges to run, these are 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch and 5 inch gauges. Passenger carrying cars all run on the wider 5 inch gauge for stability purposes. The track length is as near 1000feet as makes no difference and is elevated all the way around. The reason we have used an elevated track is because it makes for a safer ride with the weight being displaced through a beneficial centre of gravity. The dates for your train rides on our track are all listed on our ‘Programme’ page of this web site.

One big problem we have is that of a declining membership level. As the years roll by so do some of our members, leaving us with a smaller amount of input to control our activities. That is why we ask that if any of you would be interested in joining us, even if only to become a member that assists us in our operations please approach any of us for more information.